Saturday, June 11, 2016

Daily Sketch: Red Hood DC Comics...

Here's a rare pencil sketch I did. I typically ink all my commissions, unless specifically asked to do pencil. Some people really like how the pencil looks compared to inked commissions, and at times I agree that I like finished pencils more. Not every time, or for every artist, but some artists have phenomenal pencils that have a degree of subtlety and nuance that can't be captured in ink. It's just a different medium, ink is liquid and is limited to what a liquid can do. Just like pencils can't completely reproduce the effects of inks.

I'm not saying I'm one of those artists, in fact I know I'm not. But some collectors enjoy just pencils and this happened to be one specific request. Fun to do, I haven't drawn this character yet.

Red Hood - 824

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