Thursday, October 20, 2016

Daily Sketch: Black Panther...

This was another blank comic cover sketch that I finished up this last summer. Some of these sketches I've had done for awhile, but it's taken me some time to have a break in my schedule and post on my blog again. I think Black Panther would be a very fun character to draw. Some characters have a limited number of poses or ways that they move. Cyclops from the X-Men for example has his eye blast, and thats going to dictate how he fights or even stands. Black Panther is so agile and acrobatic, along with having multiple fighting styles can be drawn so many ways. There are a few characters with this versatility, but then he's got this slick costume on top of it all. I've only had the chance to draw him a few times, but I really enjoy it each time I get to.

The black tuxedo cat in the background was a cat that belonged to the guy who commissioned this piece.

Black Panther - 834

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