Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Daily Sketch: Custom Joe...

I met a great guy at the UK Roll Out Roll Call convention in London this last summer. He had me draw a commission of his custom GI JOE figure. He's not a preexisting character, he had a figure made and now artwork all associated with his custom character. Very cool idea and I really enjoyed the design. Very much a Jungle/Survivalist kind of Joe along the lines of Outback or Recondo I'd imagine. If he sees this post, maybe I'll get his name and BIO then I can post that up as well. 

Fun to do, and glad to meet so many great GI JOE fans in the UK!

Custom GI JOE Figure - 833

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1 comment:

  1. You really decked his Colt Assault Rifle
    Out! Looks like an Aimpoint optic and magnifier, a Magpul magazine, a Magpul adjustable buttstock, and a Magpul vertical fore-end grip on the monolithic rail. I wish this was in color to see if the gun was black, flat dark earth, or olive drab green. Way to be so attentive to detail Robert, A+++