Saturday, October 22, 2016

Daily Sketch: Cyclops...

Another quicker sketch, these are 9x12 and what I do at conventions that are "Head and Torso" sketches. I absolutely love doing sketches of the 90's versions of the X-Men. It's totally the era that I was getting into comics and finally old enough to buy comics on my own. I remember picking up X-Men books on the shelves at the gas station and somehow I know about the X-Men, but not much about the characters. This was before the cartoon and when the X-men were thought dead and headquartered in Australia. So late 80's storylines.

Man, but when the cartoon came on in '92, that was it, I was buying comics regularly then and watching those characters every Sat morning. It was the best! I've always been a fan of the leaders in various cartoons and comics. Optimus Prime, LionO, He-Man and of course Cyclops here.

So X-Men was a big part of what got me into comics. A few years ago I got to work on a fill in issue of X-Men Forever with Chris Claremont and Marc Sumerak. It was a story that filled in gaps of the 90's story arc X-Tinction Agenda and I got to draw my favorite characters in some of their 90's get up professionally for Marvel. Definitely a lot of fun!

Cyclops - 836

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