Sunday, October 16, 2016

Daily Sketch - GI JOE's Dusty....

This was another quicker head sketch like the last Cobra Viper. Again, starting with the sharpie contour line, or outline around the sketch immediately let me not go into crazy detail on the line work. This is still more than a "quick sketch", but for me it's definitely looser than I had been previously doing. So it went quicker for me.

I have a lot of GI JOE related sketches coming. Most of the convention requests I've had and older commission list work is often Joe related, which I love to do! Not only that, but I had a few older Joe Con sketches that still needed completed, and I'm working on those at the moment as well! Excited to get all these done as Im sure all those that have waited are excited to get them!

Dusty - 830

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