Monday, October 17, 2016

Daily Sketch - RuneStone Gar....

Elders of the RuneStone...What is that you might ask? Well it's a co-created comic property that my friend Quinn Johnson and I have been working on for a few years. I've made previous posts about it, and we had a successful Kickstarter campaign for it a few years ago. However after making some great initial progress it seemed to disappear! What happened? Well a combination of things haunted production. My work schedule changed and I was doing less comic work and more toy production and package art, as well as some video game art. That change in schedule was very unexpected and wasn't going to allow full production on a side project like RuneStone. Also Quinn, the writer and creator, got a job working full time on the video game Disney Infinity! 

Once again schedules have changed and allowed production to resume. Part of that production has been new layouts, new pages and continued work on the actual book. However, it also includes fulfilling all the Kickstarter Rewards from the campaign a few years ago! So I've been hard at work getting sketches and commissions done to fulfill those rewards and I'll post a few of them up here. 

This is a sketch of Scott, one of the main kids in the book that is imbued with power. He's able to transform into a GARgantuan character. It's always a fun book to get back to whenever I've had a break in my schedule, and this time we're really making some great progress. Keep on the look out on my blog and facebook for more announcements soon!

Scott/Gar Elders of the RuneStone - 831

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