Thursday, October 13, 2016

Kickstarter Rewards - Captain Hammer...

We're moving along on RuneStone again getting kickstarter rewards done and shipped out. We should've had this done a LONG time ago, but due to my schedule and the hiatus we took on RuneStone we are just now taking care of them. We've heard most backers were surprised to get their sketch, or see that we're following through on the project. I know there's a variety of kickstarter projects, that do get funded, but for one reason or another never come to fruition. We wanted to make sure we didn't fall into that category, so even though production is happening well after the initial campaign work is definitely getting done!

This was one of the Kickstarter rewards, I'll have many more to post in the next few weeks!

Captain Hammer from the Dr. Horrible Sing Along web series from Joss Whedon was a lot of fun to draw. I've never been much of a portrait artist. I just never studied or took the time to hone the craft of capturing a likeness and I have no intention to. It just doesn't interest me. With a character like this though, you can draw an approximation and as long as you get the character across I think it still works.

Captain Hammer - 827

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