Friday, February 17, 2017

Daily Sketch: Commission Update - Dusty and Covergirl GI JOE...

Man, talk about commissions that needed done. This was a commission for Rob Steal, from waaaay back. It had fallen through the cracks of emails and just not staying in touch. Proud to say we got this worked out and finished. For anyone that's waited for a commission from me, you think you've waited awhile, but this guy has been a trooper. I'm having a great time catching up on these, and it feels like I'm getting out of debt. I've always called it my "Sketch Debt", and it feels good to be making headway again. I've got a new schedule and I'm carving out time each day getting these taken care of.

I'll be posting here and on my facebook page for who's commission is on deck, and I'll be posting updates. If you don't want to see a preview of your commission, just let me know and I'll wait to post anything until you've received it.

Dusty and Covergirl - 842

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  1. Can't speak for the owner of that piece but imo it was worth the wait.