Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Daily Sketch: The Thing...

I'd gotten out of the habit of posting regularly. Well, at least posting on my blog regularly. I feel like my blog is a bit out-dated with all the other social media options out there to see my work. However, it does help to have a solid home base for my work that's established and has been around for awhile. Also, not everyone has Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, where I've been posting more frequently.

I'll have to look at my schedule and balance the time it takes to post on all these platforms. I've mostly moved over to Instagram because I can post from my phone, and it automatically posts on the other social media sites for me. When I was posting on the blog every day, I had to really set aside time each day to devote to these posts. I miss having something to promote each day though.

I've got a number of projects and commissions that I want to showcase. I want to be transparent with the commissions that are in progress and what commission is lined up. I think I'll convert this blog to my commission base, where people can come here to check in on how their piece is coming along. I still have quite a few to wrap up, and there is progress being made. As always, commissions have to take a back seat to my regular deadline work. I've been very upfront with everyone, that if you paid for commission work in advance, that I am more than happy to refund anyone that feels they've waited to long. I appreciate everyone's patience. I've also said, and sincerely follow through on, is that I can't guarantee when you'll get your commission, but I can guarantee that it will get done.

The only real bonus when you have to wait, is that I'd say I'm a better artist than I was 6 months ago, I'm a much better artist than I was, 1-3 years ago. So anyone that's waited, you'll definitely be getting your money's worth if you paid my rates from a couple years ago, but get what I'm producing now for twice as much.

I'll post sketches as often as I can, most will be from previous conventions that I've scanned or completed commissions. I'll post in the title, "Commission Update" whenever I have a progress shot of whatever commission I'm working on at the moment. That will let you know when your commission is started, and completed.

Thanks again to everyone that is following my blog! Crazy to think it's been going for 5 and a half years...you know...with a break every once in a while.

The Thing - 839

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