Friday, March 3, 2017

Daily Sketch - Batman TMNT....

Here's a fun cover commission I did this last fall. I love that comic companies are able to work out these great cross overs. Most recently they had a Thundercats and He-Man cross over, it's something I wish could happen more. Some crossovers make more sense than others, but if you aren't too bothered about why or how these characters make sense in each other's universes, you can really enjoy the stories they provide. Unfortunately, these are always business propositions first and the business of it will determine if the story gets made.

For example I would love to see a Deadpool and Snake Eyes cross over. I think combining two guys with similar skills, and fighting style, but one doesn't talk and the other won't shut up...perfect buddy cop scenario. You've even got the perfect catalyst of the Red Ninjas from the Arashikage clan that dress identically to the Hand ninja from Marvel comics. It's completely plausible that both would be involved or following a plot by one or both Ninja clans which would bring them together.

IDW would gain a LOT from combining their best known and most popular GI Joe character with Deadpool. Marvel on the other hand might not have as much to gain by loaning out their wildly popular character. But working around that are how business deals are made. It's a project I'd love to see, but who knows if these kinds of things would ever happen.

Batman TMNT - 843

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