Friday, March 10, 2017

Daily Sketch - Scarlett Snake Eyes....

This was a commission for the Elders of the RuneStone Kickstarter campaign. That certainly was quite a long time ago that the campaign ended. Since then writer and co-creator Quinn Johnson was working with Disney on the Disney Infinity video game and I had a steady stream of work that all combined to keep us from getting a full production schedule going to complete the campaign. That said, in the last 6-9 months we've made major headway in completing the kickstarter reward commissions and production on the book. Final pages for issue #3 are being penciled and inked very soon, and issue 4 is now completely laid out and ready for finished pencils!!

Quinn and I have always known we'd complete the project, but life and work has seemingly always provided great opportunities but also roadblocks to RuneStone's production. We appreciate everyone's patience, we have full confidence that the first 4 issues and printing of that collected graphic novel WILL indeed happen. We have made a more concerted effort to fit that into both our schedules and we see regular progress. Quinn has been updating the campaign more often as well to keep up that communication with everyone that contributed to this project.

As I get the commissions done I'll be posting them here as well as on the campaign updates. This one was unsurprisingly for our friend Olivia who is one of the biggest Snake Eyes/Scarlett fans I know! She's been super patient and a great supporter of our work. Thanks so much Olivia!

Snake Eyes Scarlett - 844

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