Saturday, March 11, 2017

Daily Sketch - Scuba Duke....

This commission was a LOT of fun. It took a classic scene from a GI Joe cartoon episode and added a and added a little redesign to the mix. In one of the early mini-series of GI JOE, episode 3 "The Worms of Death", GI Joe have to race against Cobra to obtain certain elements. In this episode they are after Heavy Water as a key element and battle on the sea floor. In the mix these gigantic sea worms come out of these coral pillars and attack them. Over all classic cartoon, GI JOE fun!

* A part of this whole sequence was field commander, Sgt "Duke" Hauser. So this commission focused on Duke as a part of the mission. I got to research the subs gear from the show, and add in some vintage scuba elements at the request of the awesome dude who commissioned this.

On top of that, we get the added work of Simon Gough who nailed the coloring job and really makes it look like it was pulled straight from the cartoon. I'm glad we were able to get this one colored, I think it makes all the difference!

*I was misremembering this episode, I thought it was Flint at the sea floor with Baroness, but was quickly corrected that Duke was a big part of the episode! haha! Thanks for the correction.

Scuba Duke - 845

Pencils and Inks by Robert Atkins

Colors by Simon Gough

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  1. I'm confused. Duke *was* a major part of that scene.

    1. Diana! You are totally right, I was thinking it was Flint, instead of DUKE at the sea floor. Thanks for that speedy correction! I fixed the post to represent your awesome GI JOE knowledge :)

  2. Absolutely love your art! You are easily one of my favorite artists for IDW's G.I. Joe! Do you still do commissioned work?